Simple 5 step method to promote any affiliate program:

Writing an article and submitting to article site is the easiest and free way of getting the word out about any affiliate program to millions of people around the world. Because these article sites have millions of readers and we do not have to worry about whether someone will read it or not.

Ezinearticles is arguably the number one site to submit your articles today.They are respected by search engine like google,msn etc.

5 step method will be used with ezinearticles,even though you can use it with any other article website too. 5 step method is as follows


First thing is to choose an affiliate program.You should look at whether the product is going to solve any problem of the person who will buy it. Yes,if you do not see any specific problem being sorted out, then it may not convert.

It is better to promote a product which gives money back guarantee.As the buyer always have an option of giving back the product if he didn't like it.


You should give one solution for the problem in your article.But then do not give away all the solution.Lead the buyer to the affiliate program by saying, for more information you can go to the affiliate link of yours.

Here is an example to understand this better -
If you are promoting a grammer checking software,then you can tell the readers the advantage of the service to them.Like if they are a writer, their articles will be easily approved by the editor.Or if they are writing an official letter, the boss would be impressed with their error free letter.As, in todays world language is also given priority in your promotions.

Naturally, they will need a good software. So, then you can say,I know of the right product for you.
Check out this link.

If you want to promote an e-book which helps students learn Math easily, then you may:

-- Write an article on few simple steps to remember a formulaes.Then you can promote the book having short cuts to solving error proof math problems easily.

-- Write an article on how to get more marks from comparing the answer paper of last year students who got 90%. And then promote how to get 90 % easily in math.

See how easy this is?

Thus you give a solution or explanation of the use to the specific case and lead them to the product.

It is better to promote a product which gives money back guarantee.As the buyer always have an option of giving back the product if he didn't like it. And they will also understand that you really care for their well-being. You are not here to do some cheap marketing and earn quick money.


Let's use my example again. I gave students few tips to remember formulas easily.

* Create a tutorial on how to remember each formulas of various lessons .

Use a "useful, but incomplete" approach in article writing. And then
develop a list, or even a step-by-step tutorial for your article
that leads the reader along.

With each new "idea" or "way" or "tip" or "step" or "strategy"
that you share, you can further direct the reader towards
realizing their need of your upcoming offer, and lay the
foundation for them to accept the offer.


Write points and then expand each point in to 1-2 paragraphs.
Make them good. Provide quality content. The offer you will soon
make will see poor results if your information isn't useful.

You are trying to Pre-sell the article.only if your information is credible will the people feel that the offer you will provide is also going to be useful.

Light a fire in them. Motivate them. Challenge them. Give them
such nuggets of gold that they want to keep mining until they
hit the Big treasure.


There are five things that you should always do to finish up
your ezine article. Don't skip any of them. They are all

* POLISH. Re-read your article. Does it provide information
that really is "useful" to the reader? And yet leaves them
wanting even more? That's what you want. Polish it. Put
on the wax and make it shine. It has a very specific
purpose -- make certain it has the means to achieve it.

* PROMOTE. Use your resource box to promote your offer. This
is why we've written the article, right? Remember step one?
It's time to put it into play. Give the reader what they
(hopefully) are wanting...a way to maximize the information
you gave them.

* PROOF. Don't do this yourself. Have a trusted friend, relative
or co-worker check your article for grammatical and
typographical errors. The last thing you want to do is present
a poor image after sharing some high quality information.

* PUBLISH. Zip your new article out to your favorite list of
publishers. Submit it to the announcement lists and the ezinearticles
directories. Don't forget to publish it yourself in your own

* PROFIT. If you've covered all the bases that I've mentioned,
then profits are almost certain to start coming in when your
ezinearticles is published. You deserve it. Be proud of your

And then start it all over again!

That's how you promote your favorite affiliate program in 5 easy
steps using ezinearticles.

Obviously, there are many other ways to promote your affiliate
program, as well as a considerable more "details" in the strategy
we've looked at today.

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